Hellow...!    Laddie and Gentleman      Hello...Avry body...    Hellow...!
                             All of you first of all I start in the name of Allah our honest nd honourable I am    ALI SHEKHASHI who talk to you nd tell u about his little Biography. But you know I'm a dream man  I HAVE A DREAM… if God say (INSHASHA ALLAH) my dream will be success.  also your dream and our dream will success. By in the name of Allah. way I not tall you about my little BIOGRAPHY... My name is Ali Ahmed Abdullahi nown us (Ali Shekhashi). I’m born at 19/7/1991G.C. I was born Dire Dawa - Ethiopia in kebele 09. At sector Memhiran Kotoba in house No 04315. From my Father Amed Abdullahi Muhummad and from my Mother Kemaro Abdurrahman Adem. At 1991G.C when I'm 6 years old I gate Ibnu Abas Masjid at found in kebele 09. I start my religion education and   I follow Holly Qur'an, Arabic alphabet. Until 2 years I taught at that school or Madrasa in 1999G.C.  when I'm 8 years old I gat Bilal Joinery Primary Islamic School. At end semester I transmit to grade one (1). Until 2002G.C I done grade three (3) in 2002.G.C. At summer my Father come back from field work or job. At that time my Father holds only 2000birr Ethiopian birr. In Bilal School I was learned with my elder brother Muhyaddin and my elder sister Zahiira and my young sister Saredo Ahmed together. My Father was not want as other children that learned in Government school.                         But he was want for as to learn in private school. But as his ambition was not success. That Birr he was hold is not survive from our con summation and people loan or as well as not survive from education material that Birr not survive from this thing at that time. The people loan repeat to them. House con summation education material bought. After that did not found the work upto 2 months. Because of that I can't follow the education. At that time I was 12 years old. At summer in 2003G.C I and my young sister start informal 3 religion educations keep it Holly Qur'an different kind of Arabic letter. at that situation my elder brother leave us as well as my elder sister got to Jijiga B/s of work. I nd my young sister Sareedo we learn together Qur'an. After 2 month in 2004G.C 2 month later that found in konel section. Abdulatif joinery Islamic school. At that year or at that time I gate grade 4 and my young sister get grade 2. Whan I learn grade upto 3 at Bilale joinery and primary Islamic school we were learn all subject by Afn Oromo language. But in this sschool they teach as in Amharic language.                            The subject we Will very more in that entire subject we were learn in another word only Afn Oromo and English subject. By the way I had not now little bit from Amharic language. I had not understood all subjects except   Afan Oromo and English. After that at that year I can't promote to next grade and   from my family, my Mother and my young sister fom school my class teacher all of them insult me and shouted to me. From there insult (you are lazy student) but I did not want to become lazy. I become too said lazy in only this reason. Because I have not understand education. But I did not were lazy and I am not lazy. From there insult I show. All of them I am not lazy and I did not were lazy. In 2005G.C I repeat grade 4. I decided and I plane how I can learn and understand Amharic letter nd language.                       At short time I can. In 1st semester from 26 students I gate 5th rank. In 2nd semester academic education I gate 1st frome 22 students. I become rewarded. In my name and the student that gate 2nd 3rd the school or medrasa arranged to us little arrangement olso my class student invite and enjoyed   to it.

In 2006G.C I promoted to grade 5th and I get Lagahrre Primary and secondary school and I keep my education grade 5th upto grade 8th. In 2009G.C I get (8th Ethiopia General Primary Education Certification (EGPEC) in 2009G.C.) By 76.41point I promoted grade 9th. In 2010G.C I get (New Secondary and Preparatory School.) I keep my education in 2010G.C grade 9th nd in 2011G.C grade 10th. I get the (Ethiopian General Secondary Education Certificate. (EGSEC)) in this examination my result was 2.00 point then I can't promote to preparatory school. The prep require point were 2.43. At 2012G.C I learned in Dire Dawa Administration Ethio - Italy Technical and Vocational College (DDAE-ITVC) in department of Masonry sector of Construction…

                    My name is Ali Ahmed Abdulahi my nick name is Ali Shekhashi. I was born in 19/7/1991G.C I was born from my father Mr Ahmed Abdulahi  Muhmed (AhmedShekhash) and from my mother Ms Kamaro Abdurahman Adem I was born in Dire DawaEthiopia at kabele 22/09 at sector memihran kotoba. House namber 04315. My father born from hin father Abdulahi  Muhumed  Aw Umerdin and his mother Anbia shin
                Also my mother born from her father Abdurahman  Adem and her mother Fatuma  Usman I have 7 brother and 5 sister.                             my father have 13 children  5 girls and 8 boys  from 13 children 4 boys are died (Allah mercy for them)  I am 9th from 13 children.   I have a lot of history with my family and I can’t tell all of history one by one Because of  it need time and energy . these way I try to defend by photograph :- ………………
My family in Dire Dawa 
Ali and his family   who live with him in dire dawa
Ali with his mother 
Ali with his siblings
Ali with his sister children
Ali with children uncle them
Ali with his aunt ( his mother sister –safiya abdurahman 

( baybe)
Ali with his nephew
Ali with his nearly relative
Living in haro maya
Ali with his mother aunt hindi usman  grand mother
Ali wits his nephew and their family
Ali with his mother nephew asha umer and her family
( baybe)
Other haro maya and awaday relative  
Adem with his family 
Ali aunt his father sister Halima abdulahi and her family 
Ali with his nephew (uncle children) with there family 
And other relative in gursun all of them

                Ali shekhashi is my nick name.  My full name is Ali Ahmed Abdulahi. I was born in normal natural course from my Father and my Mother. I born in that way just like human being born as we now. Human being after born pass tha duration of childhood life. In my Biography the duration of childhood history have big place.  at that time when I was child I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, taught as a child, but when I become man I put a way childish things. But I memories in my life history and is very little things such as when I was baby my sector children mature and youth. Boys and girls also my relative. All of them given to me love when I was baby. Also they call me whatever they like name for instant my name is named Ali heydar.
       The name that the above people named me such Ali heyderus,    Ali heydar, Heydarus, heydertu...
In this process I grow from my child because of the calling me whatever they like and play with me every day until I grow up at that time they play to me. And said to me call your name Ali. when I say ayi... they laughed on me and call they name then when I try they laughed on me.
Someone call me play with me...  someone call me talk to me then laughed on one... Someone call me to send me but the person who want play with me I paly with them...
          The person who wants talk with me I talk with them...    The person who want send me I send for them...
Then all of them get satisfaction from me.
When I was baby I used play a lot of game. but it is very difficult to memorise all of game. But to tick some game like(family family, at thet time I was baby also I was young. in these game these way I was like baby,nad another game (in Ethiopian language the call the game inkululu(hidden hidden), mariye cha-cha, jumping, rope, getting, canter racing and dimori... Etc. all this game I was played. Whenever I remember this game it give to me good sensitive. All this game I was played with my sibling My sister Zahira and my brother Muhyadin. Zahira and my brother Muhyadin have big role to my growth both of them were gave me all thing what I need in that age. and all thing had passed and my childhood age have passed were I was child I spoke as a child. I understood as a child, I thought as a child but now when I become man I put a way childish thing and but memories in my history life... 

                   My Religion is Islam. I am a Muslim I am and always will be Muslim my full name is Ali Ahmed Abdulahi.
My Father  and my Mother Religion  are Islam their  all family Religion are Islam and my name is Muslim name my parent birth me on Muslim Religion. The growth me on well condition and keep to on Islam way growth. I am racist in any form what so ever. I don’t believe in any discrimination or secretion. I believe in Islam.  And I believe in these words
“Testifying that there is no God but Allah and that the Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, performing the salat, paying the zakat, fasting in Ramadan month and  making the pilgrimage to the house of Allah or HAJ. “
I am a Muslim there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim. Nothing wrong in Religion of Islam. It therefore I love very much Islam Religion. Islam religion teaches to believe in Allah.  I am so very glad that my mother grows me in Islam way.
My father (Allah Marcy for him) passes away (died) on Islam Religion. On Saturday afternoon. Date 8/3/2001e.c and I………  Allah as my father I want live and died in Islam Religion.  At this time Islam Religion divide in many part but there is only one part that really do what prophet Mohammed (PBH)  do and the copy. Prophet Mohammed (PBH)that is known as Sunni waljama’a. This mean I am not saying the rest part is not in the way. Allah show us the Wright way   that take us in heaven and make us well amen.
If Allah said (inshaa Allah) as my Father and my Mother I will merry Muslim wife and I will have Muslim child and grow them in Muslim way the my children catch right way that is my wish…
Allah make all Muslim as one

                                  My sector is known as memhiran-kotoba. I bore in that sector and I grow it. I live with my neighbor love and peace. My neighbor’s means to me is like second family and also their child like my sibling. We live together with respect and tolerance. If one problem creates b/n them I help them as I can. In our sector there something that is acceptable and loved thing in our sector people that I done I remember. When I did something I am not did for other like people said to me such and such is he and appreciate me and I don’t want to appreciate me but I did for I satisfied and I will glad when I help and give service for other people.  If someone glad to my service I will be very glad but if someone sad in my service and become sad some service that I done in our sector is for example:- when some  in our sector become ill if o go with them I send to him and do every thing that need them I become too happy and if someone pass away in our sector in that place may guest appear in that place , most of time I help and give survive for them. For example: - waiters but most of youth doesn’t give care for this thing. That way I did like this thing than I become happy for this work, because off our sector people don’t have society (civil society) social relationship company. In this time I do for my happiness but some one blesses me and some look me like their servant /slave. I don’t care about their condition because I don’t think that human being is the some.  And I left them easy. In my sector if conflict creates b/n two group family, sibling and husband and wife …etc. I sat with the elder people the agreeable people.  The reason is when the Judge between two group I listen and get knowledge from them. By the way my father was one of our sector elder if conflict create between person he was agreeable between them most of time when some one path away from our sector faced different problem then my father try to collect them after few time they separate. Secondly he collects them and they do like privies time and he tried the same sequence look place final there were few money that the people collect it and after people will not collect it.  he gave to mosque (Masjid). Many years passes and I be come grow after few time my father pass away when I was 18 years. Then I be come go and did as my father. By the way when my father collect our sector people to create organization he was member of Ibsa society and he wish was our sector to be like that sector also when some conflict made b/n people try to agreeable them other people and when some one pass away from our sector or in my father organization I found in that berried ceremony.  Because of I have two elder brothers two of them they are out of our town and live different country these they can’t fulfill my father place there for I took responsibility to fulfill my father place and many time puss in this situation. What our sector people need from my father I didn’t fulfill it because I have not ability but I try a lot of thing that people need from my father. When people miss my father to do what they need always they sow me and said to me Ooow son of SHEKHASH in your father place you are. Allah make you the son who not Herriot his father but more do his father “make du’a for me“ So allot of days past, many month accounted once day in our sector someone past away from our sector who known as SAED ROBLE  at that time our sector does not had organization even the relationship wherever weak when  this person past away this is have great place in my life when we braid until 3days  I was in his house in that time I was amazed a lot of   thing and I saw  a lot of time when I seen allot of thing I decide that our sector must be need organization or civil society.

Then I asked more person that how the think about of decision.  Approximately I ask up to 10person from person 7 person opposite me 3 person supported my idea those person that opposed my idea helped me strength in my idea or they make me that I success my Idea.  These person that opposed me were had some reason that opposed my Idea their reason where they had organization before years ago that organization  were unfair, un equalities and unethical. They thought that were the same   sequence took place they leave big fear that unethical behavior will came. That organization that the have were crash and have doubt if we build another one this may crack again. The question that I asked every one during I gathering information what you feel if we build organization in our sector when I ask then they replied to me the follow thing answer: - you can’t did like this thing because this thing is very difficult to even the elders can’t done this before they try and try finally they stop it therefore you should stop this things, if you build it finally it may broken, therefore this people were have organization before the organization that I thing to build. Their organization crashed and they sold their organization material and divided the money then that divided money they didn’t see in one eyes but they gave to people money when the gave there were unfair thing and they were a lot bias in their organization and know the thought as before and said to me ‘’ leave it the human sight is no good’’ by the way I understood from their speech that they had organization few years ago. because when ever I ask them they to talk to me sadly and angry they look like the people that angry to past thing then I understood that their organization were unfair and bias and I decide that our sector must have organization then because they can solve the problem if they have organization because most of our sector people life is hand to mouth economy. I believe that if they have organization they can help each other and live batter life. When I decide to be build this organization I see in my future like mirror that our sector people can build organization and become united. At that time I said’’ I HAVE A DREAM & HOPE’’ but that my dream has success 75% the left 25% will success if Allah said. And that think that I thought about organization have success by the Aid of Allah.  During the first time when we come together by 61 people and fund organization that named ’’Mayra mutual organization’’ know we bought some material from the material that we think huge thing is mobile shelter ‘’SHARA’’, mats…etc.
Our vision is not only this up to Allah said to be like the huge organization of Dire Dawa and name as huge organization and most popular organization as well as our dream is not stop up to this our organization will go up helping  poor people give charity to elder and feed orphans that haven’t helpers.                    We will do it INSHAA ALLAH and our dreams will success INSHAA ALLAH. Until our dream success Allah strength our sector united and we and coming generation. May Allah do it the people that help them self and their parent amen. For all think I work all of this for memory and you should see like memory when we fund this organization I was not alone. There are few people that help me from youth, from women and from men from this people sometimes they support me and sometime they opposed me that way I become successful to be named all of this people is very difficult to me I will describe you by photo as following me. Be for this organization organized I want to advertise by photo these people that were help me in this to fund this organization:-
Samater Aden with Ali Shekhashi                     Sufi Abrahim  with alishekhashi 
Sala Abddala with alishekhashi                 
At this manner we collect the people the people that collected need leader we elect the leader first let me descript fer you the member of this organization commute by photo picture and elders off organization by photos.

All commute of organization  with alishekhashi     Elders of organization withalishekhasi information commute  with alishekhashi         chief leader  with alishekhashi
Represent leader    with alishekhashi          you now secretary of this organization is me. Secretary    when I write something  prime leader  3   when they are in meeting, giving opinion 3of them   cash manager with Ali Shekhashi  
Monitor   with Ali Shekhashi       auditor with Ali Shekhashi 
Store authorizes with ali Shekhashi  voluntary commute   with ali Shekhashi
All of commute   withal Shekhashi   group leader   withal Shekhashi
3gruop leaders  withal Shekhashi  group 1.2.3 withal Shekhashi    
The member of organization in meeting and giving opinion        
In each group desiccation group     
Befor meting 30 miniut befor     …. Etc

Curriculum vitae
Personal detail                       
Full Name: - Ali Ahmed Abdulahi
Nickname: - Ali Shekhashi
Birth Date: - 28/08/1983E.C
Birth Place: - Dire Dawa Ethiopia
Address: - 09 kebele
At section: - Memhran Kotoba Dire Dawa Ethiopia
Tell phone: - Mobile, 0251915038156
Nationality: - Ethiopia
Gender:- Male
Marital Status: - Single
Status: -Masonry
Educational backgrounds
- At 1997E.C Grade 4 I get Mekarimul Akhlak Islamic School.
- At 1998E.C-2001E.C. I get Laga harre Primary and Secondary School. And I keep my Education 5th up to grade 8th. At 2001E.C I take Exam and I get Ethiopian General Primary Education Certificate. In this Examination my Examination result was 76.41 point.
 - At 2002E.C-2003.E.C I get Dire Dawa New Secondary and Preparatory School. And I keep my education 9th up to grade 10th and 2003E.C. at 2003E.C I take Exam and I get the Ethiopian General Secondary Education Certificate. In this Examination my Examination result was 2.00 point. The prep require point were 2.43 point.
-At 2004E.C. I get Higher Education Dire Dawa Administration Ethio-Italy Technical and Vocational Collage.Sector: - Construction                                     Department: - Masonry

Academic profile
 -Civic and Ethical Academic participation.
-Anti (against) aids participation (I got 2 certificates.
-Red Cross society youth member participation.
-Basket ball Sport Club and hand ball Sport Club (I got 2 medals competition that held in high school. 
Oromo – Mother tongue
English – Medium level
Amharic – Advanced level
Somali – Basic knowledge
Language skill and competence
Languages        Reading      speaking       writing         listing
English             Excellent    V Good         Excellent     Excellent
Oromo               Excellent    Excellent     Excellnet     Excellent
Somali                   Excellent     V Good        Excellnet     Excellent
Amharic           Excellent     Excellent     Excellent     Excellent
Arabic              Excellent     Good            Excellent     Excellent

Personal qualities
-My Relationship with other Openness, Transparence
-Good Communication and interpersonal skill
-Keen to learn new skill
-A committed team player
-A self motivated and hard working employee
-Responsible fulfills duties to professional level
Personal skills
-Construction Maintaining
-Pencil Drawing
1-Name: - Instructor: Ashnafi Humnessa
-Position: - Department hade
-Address: - 0251915760088                        E-mail:- [email protected]
2-Name:-Instructor: Haymanot Desta
-Position: - Construction Instructor   
-Address: - 0251923372119                           E-mail:- [email protected]
3-Name: - Instructor: Abenezer Gataneh
-Position: - Constriction Instructor     
-Address: -0251912779174                             E-mail:- [email protected]
-Reading book
-Spent time on computer
-As much as I can I help others
-Play Basketball
-Watch TV YouthProgram  


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